Björn von Rotz, Hair and Make-up artist
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Björn von Rotz   Interview of Björn von Rotz with Sylvie Schwartz
Zurich, 9th June 2001

Mr Björn von Rotz, during last winter you have been working in Capetown, South Africa. You have often been found at fotoshootings and at catwalks. What is fascinating to you in particular?
At fotoshootings as well as at catwalks I work together with different kinds of people, i.e. photographer, models, stylists etc. The resulting creativity is immensly inspiring.

How did you experience working at catwalks?
At catwalks the combined ideas of the participants results in a great wealth of ideas. The challenge of such a creative process is perceptible by the tension and hectic atmosphere. The result seen on the catwalk is an all-encompassing work of art. Seeing it in its entirety gives me great satisfaction.

This is very demanding for your concentration. Where do your resources come from?
Power of concentration is one of the prerequisites to work as a hair and make-up artist. My sociability and enthusiasm for the latest trends are a great asset when working in a team. At the same time my flexibility is tested again and again. As a top athlete I have acquired the necesssary abilities and have developed them further.

Which are the challenges you meet at fotoshootings?
I focus on the location. My versatility allows me to do hair and make-up according to the circumstances. Depending on the desired result I set the scene by means of structure, colors and styles in a sexy or provocative, neat or harmonious way. Together with my team I achieve the desired unique expression of the pictures.

Contemplating your portfolio one can discover several eras side by side in one single picture. How do you track down the different trends of the prevailing spirit of the time?
First let me explain the term trend. Trends are thoughts, wishes, notions which people project into the present. These are expressed in the shape and colors of objects, i.e. of handbags, clothes, cars etc. The impulse for trends origin from arts, media, economics, politics, music, industry, history and environmental conditions. Three years ago politics and products became more transparent when legislation enforced declaration of origin etc. Textile industry reflected this trend in the transparency of clothes. Recognition of trends requires an alert perception and the capability to recognise similarities in different fields.

You have many talents which is obvious in your work. Where do you get your ideas from?
My sketch folder always accompanies me so that I am able to continuously add new inspirations, ideas and thoughts. Often I wake up at night and jot down some ideas. Ideas are conceived when travelling, which I love and which is part of the job. Moreover various cultures and their history make good sources. Nature is a well of inspiration. I love jogging in the woods and go as often work allows me to. Have you ever noticed the great variety of colors and structures of plants? One can learn a great deal about shapes and colors from nature. All these factors work together to inspire me. Nature is my favourite work place.
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